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Why should I apply (or consider applying) for leadership?

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What a year it has been, can I get an amen?

And to think it isn’t even over yet…

It’s hard to believe the semester is slowly coming to a close especially with this weather. Honestly, I don’t even know how to dress myself properly when it’s 60 and sunny one day and the frigid arctic the next….

Either way, here we are, with only 6 weeks left until the freedom of summer. And with that we have RooCatholic leadership applications out!

Ladies and gents, it is an exciting time to be alive.

Now if you’re anything like me, you have an internal monologue going through your head when thinking about applying for leadership. And there are probably a range of reactions that might look a little something like this:

“Wow! This is awesome, I have so many ideas, I love being a part of this group, I’ve actually been writing my application since I stepped foot in this place, the selection committee won’t know what’s hit ‘em…”


“Hmmm this could be fun, I might have stuff to contribute, but, come on, I’m an engineer in 18 credit hours, I barely have time to eat and cry let alone add on more responsibilities. I have my future to think about… but, I mean, this would be kinda fun…”

(note from the editor: the past 2 years the RooCatholic president was a chemical engineer major.)

OR maybe it’s more like,

“Lol this is definitely not for me. I show up (sometimes) and anyways I’m not holy enough to help lead a religious organization…”

Regardless of what your internal monologue is, being on RooCatholic Leadership is an unmatched opportunity and well worth praying about whether you should apply. Let me give you some reasons why.


  1. God will teach you so much about yourself. Being on leadership means that you will often be doing things that you would never have expected. My sophomore year I was given the task of leading our retreat teams. I was so nervous, but God showed me gifts and talents that I never would have seen otherwise. The passions I have in life were revealed to me and they are going to shape the rest of my life!
  2. Leadership skills will be honed. Did you know we are a primarily student run organization? That being said, being on leadership will give you the opportunity to practice those skills, and be confident in the many different roles a leader plays.
  3. Friendships/ Community will be built. Being a part of RooCatholic in general integrates you into a phenomenal community and builds friendships, and leadership does the same. You get to know the team quite well and they are an awesome support system that also provides accountability for growing in your faith- after all your team is counting on you!
  4. There will always be opportunities to serve. As a leadership team we are around to serve our peers and our community and bring them to encounter with Jesus! This team will always give you the opportunity to serve and grow closer to the Lord in this manner. Like our friend St. Mama Teresa of Calcutta told us about service: “The fruit of Love is service. The fruit of Service is peace.”
  5. You will be prepared for Catholic life post-college: One of our other goals is to prepare students to join the greater Catholic community at their parishes once they graduate. Being a part of the leadership team is a little taste of what being involved in your home parish can be like. There are so many ministries available and this team will give you confidence in leading and the self-awareness of what ministry you would fit best into.


Ya’ll, it is a great privilege, being able to serve one another in this capacity. We are not, as we are so often referred to, the “future of the Church”. WE ARE THE CHURCH. And this is exciting! Our faith is a gift and a thrilling adventure when we live it out fully. It is time to reawaken Catholics everywhere and RooCatholic gets to be a part of that mission!

We are so blessed to have this ministry at UA. God has great plans for us, and we are a growing. Will you allow the Lord to use you as an instrument as His work is accomplished?

Let’s pray:

Lord, you have given us the gift of RooCatholic and it is our job to be vessels for You to do Your holy work. Please give us courage to serve where You are asking us to serve. Help us know that it is not through ourselves that we will be able to accomplish anything good, but only through the grace You will give us. Holy Spirit, come and prepare our hearts for what You may be asking us to do, and for where You are asking us to serve in this ministry. Give us a spirit of joy and authenticity as we seek to serve! We ask this all through the intercession of our loving Mother Mary. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Know of our prayers for you as you discern this decision!

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