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What’s up with this RooCatholic thing?

Author: Katie Brumbaugh

Whenever something changes I get nervous.  What changed? What is staying the same? and why the heck did it have to change in the first place?  These are all questions I felt like you deserved to have answered. 

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What is changing?
The organization’s name has been changed to RooCatholic in order to better identify with Catholic students on campus. We are following the lead of other Newman Campus Ministry programs in the Diocese of Cleveland and across the nation. We are RooCatholic. We will continue to meet at the Newman Center located on the campus of St. Bernard Parish and will be affiliated with the Diocese of Cleveland through the Newman Catholic Campus Ministry department.

What isn’t changing?
Ministry and activity opportunities will be as plentiful as ever. Our RooCatholic leadership team continues to plan as has been the custom.  Wednesday night gatherings starting with dinner at 6:30 pm at the Newman Center followed by religious or social activities,  A fall retreat (Oct. 22/23) is in the planning stages. The ministry program also includes small group activities and social nights which are all part of RooCatholic activities! We are excited for another year to play intramural sports, eat good food and of course, to grow closer to Christ.

But wait, why did we change our name?
Our leadership team believes that RooCatholic will help to clarify the role of Newman Campus Ministry and better connect the program with current students and faculty and those who will be the future generations of Catholic students choosing UA. Therefore, we have chosen Roo (the University mascot) and Catholic (our common Faith which binds us together as Church) to be recognized on campus as an affiliated group with the University of Akron. Becoming RooCatholic will give us a new way of connecting with students, Catholic and Non-Catholic, on campus and to our faith and the Church as well.

So how will my “Newman” vocabulary change?
Old: I’m a member of Newman, or I am a member of Newman Catholic Campus Ministry.
New: I am a member of RooCatholic.
Old: What is happening at the Newman night this Wednesday?
New: What is happening at the RooCatholic gathering this Wednesday?

I am very excited to see everyone at RooCatholic events coming up as classes start again this fall!

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