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Living in Love

Amanda O’Reilly

Fellow young people, this message is for you…

Congratulations! You’ve found someone you love! A boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance… someone who you enjoy being around, who you want to spend time with, who you might even consider spending the rest of your life with. This is wonderful!

Marriage is such an incredibly special vocation. And the engagement time leading up to marriage is one of anticipation, of excitement and of deep preparation for the sacred specialness of marriage. Marriage is a self-sacrificing love for the good of another person. How amazing does this all sound! I think all of us long for this!

Living together before marriage defames all of this. It puts us in a place of temptation. It lacks the patience and daily sacrifices of living apart from our partner until our wedding day. It doesn’t allow for adequate personal preparation for the huge life changes that are taken on when we get married. In essence, it denies the specialness of what is to come.

So here is what I’m asking: please take some time and think about the incredible specialness associated with living together in marriage. When you love and feel loved, it’s so easy to act in our emotions; but really think about this decision – take it to prayer, to a trusted mentor or a couple who has been married for many years. I don’t want you to make a decision you may later regret. One last thing, please know that I care about you.

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