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Help! My To-Do list is too long and I can’t catch up!

Author:  MarySarah Menkhaus


Not gonna lie, coming back to school after this semester kind of felt like jumping into a freezing cold ocean… and not knowing how to swim. I have this tendency to get over-involved with just about everything. I always tell myself I’m going to take a step back, let myself relax, but for every obligation I step away from there is always a new one waiting to greet me with open arms. (It’s actually somewhat alarming how it all works out.) Continue reading

What’s up with this RooCatholic thing?

Author: Katie Brumbaugh

Whenever something changes I get nervous.  What changed? What is staying the same? and why the heck did it have to change in the first place?  These are all questions I felt like you deserved to have answered.  Continue reading

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