Address: 44 University Ave. Akron, OH 44308
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Office: 330.376.3585
Open Hours: 3-7pm- Mon, Tues, Thurs (during the school year)

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Meet the Leadership Team!


 john Name: John Szarwark
Hometown: Strongsville, OH
Major: Associate of Arts-Theology
Why RooCatholic? Faith based learning
 mat Name: Matt Fafrak
Hometown: Twinsburg, OH
Major: Wrestling and Football
Why RooCatholic? Leading worship is my passion.
Name: Luke McNeill
Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Luke McNeill, and I am 24 years old. I grew up at St. Francis de Sales Parish in Akron, and I attended Lake High School in Hartville where I graduated in 2013. I was accepted into Borromeo right out of high school and spent one year there until I decided I needed some time off. I took two years to work and gather some credits at the University of Akron. After those couple of years out of the seminary, I decided it was time for me to continue my discernment as a diocesan priest. I returned to Borromeo Seminary in the fall of 2016 and I am now a senior. I cannot wait to see what God has prepared for my life!
Name: Kyle Monnot
Hometown: Canton, OH
Major: Biology/Spanish
Why RooCatholic? College is hard enough without a group that supports you! I feel at home and at peace in the atmosphere it provides.
Name: Mary Greggila
Hometown: Oak Harbor, OH
Major: Chemistry
Why RooCatholic? I love it because it’s the one place where I truly feel that I belong and I can fully be myself.
Name: Helena Carlson
Hometown: Wadsworth, OH
Major: Nursing
Why RooCatholic? It’s a community of virtue striving towards heaven together. Not only do we learn, pray and have fun together, but the friends I have made at RooCatholic have encouraged me and been there for me through my best and worst times. It’s a family I never knew I needed.
Name: Brittany Varsho
Hometown: Bedford, OH
Major: Psychology
Why RooCatholic? The community is very supportive and loving. It’s a place to belong with incredible friendships and spiritual growth. I love everything RooCatholic has to offer including retreats, Wednesday night gatherings, and women’s group. So blessed to be a part of this amazing group of young Catholics striving to spread the Good News!
Name: Matt Lacek
Hometown: Gibsonia, PA
Major: Electrical Engineering
Why RooCatholic? God, friends, food, and fun…its all here and what more could I ask for?
Name: Katie Allensworth
Hometown: Canton, OH
Major: Nursing
Why RooCatholic? I love all the faith based friendships and the fun formation at RooCatholic.
Name: Kate Bischof
Hometown: Strongsville, OH
Major: Chemical Engineering
Why RooCatholic? I enjoy the openness and the sense of community that is fostered through RooCatholic and I wanted to be able to be a part of ensuring the continuation of RooCatholic.
  Name: Amanda O’Reilly
Hometown: Parkman, OH
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Why RooCatholic? RooCatholic is truly a community that encourages and supports each persons’ relationship with Jesus.
  Name: Sal Valeriano
Hometown: Bellevue, PA
Major: Civil Engineering
Why RooCatholic? RooCatholic helps reorient your worldview from the daily struggles of college life to our eternal purpose and provides a strong community in which to do so. (Free food’s not bad either!)
Name: Julia Baumann
Hometown: Westerville, OH
Major: Business Administration
Why RooCatholic? I love the community that RooCatholic creates. It is an amazing way to meet new people and grow closer to God and my fellow Zips!
Name: Abbey Kraft
Hometown: Brunswick, OH
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Why RooCatholic? I love RooCatholic because all of the great friends I have met and the ways they have challenged me to be the best version of myself.
  Name: Sam Kochis
Hometown: Valley View, OH
Major: Early Childhood Education
Why RooCatholic? I love that within this community, there are so many different gifts brought together for the sole purpose of glorifying the Lord!